Timber Frame

Ballytherm Polyisocyanurate wall insulation can be implemented in the construction of timber frame insulation buildings. It’s an optimal choice for new projects as well as extensions and improvements. The pages within this section provide design guidance, design details, installation instructions and advice on sitework.
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Timber Frame Insulation

Timber frame construction offers many advantages:

  • thinner walls with good thermal 
the possibility of more airtight construction;
  • less moisture built into the construction than with masonry reduces drying-out times and the risk of condensation;
  • may be faced with brick, tile/slate hanging, boarding and even rendered block.


Ballytherm insulation may be used to insulate timber framed buildings and is well suited to new build projects and extensions to existing buildings.

The properties of Ballytherm insulation match the requirements of this application: its low thermal conductivity minimises the thickness of insulation required, making best use of the available space.

There are two methods of insulating timber framed walls with Ballytherm insulation:

  1. Ballytherm insulation installed between the studs and faced with plasterboard. With standard 140mm thick studs U-values as low as 0.22W/m2K are possible.
  2. Insulation packed between the studs, with a layer of Ballytherm insulation installed across the face of the studs and fixed directly to the studs or restrained with battens: U-values as low as 0.18W/m2K are possible. When installed with battens, the reflective surface of the Ballytherm boards reduce radiation heat loss across the air spaces and further improves the thermal performance of the wall.

The thickness of Ballytherm insulation required to meet regulations may be determined from table 13.

Table 13

Please note: Timber Frame is not covered by BBA approval.

Further Advice & Information

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