Thermal Insulation for an A-Rated BER

As of January 2009, a Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate is required for homes whether they are being sold or rented. Renters and buyers of new home are entitled to a BER and they should be sure to ask for one. A BER certificate is similar the energy labels that have been appearing on household appliances for quite some time now. The BER scale is from A-G, A-rated homes being the most efficient while G-rated homes are the least.

A BER assessment can only be completed by specifically trained BER assessors. It is illegal for people who are not specially trained to imply and carry out an assessment. BERs have been required for new building since January 1, 2007. New commercial dwellings have required them since June 30, 2008. Buildings existing before these dates have been required, as mentioned above, since January 1, 2009 when they are being sold or rented. A BER is valid for 10 years provided there is no material change to the dwelling or building.

BER is measured up against the standard family with a typical pattern of occupancy. BERs are calculated based on the features of major components of the building. They include:

  • • Window and door sizes and locations
  • • Wall, floor, and roof measurements
  • • Heat supply systems
  • • Lighting
  • • Construction type and insulation
  • • Ventilation

One of the best ways to ensure that a new building is going to achieve a high BER score is proper thermal insulation. Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation boards from BallyTherm are known to get the job done. Their PIR boards are strong and rigid, and able to take on load in ground bearing floors. Because of their high vapour resistance they are not susceptible to rot or the growth of mould. They are ideal for damp environments. During its service life (which can be as long as the life of building providing proper installation) it can save you more energy than was needed for its creation.

Ballytherm Insulation boards are 2400mm by 1200mm with thickness ranging from 20mm to 150mm thick. Thicknesses are available from 150mm to 200mm by request. Find out more about Ballytherm High Performance PIR Wall Insulation Slabs by contacting our team at

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