Site Work

How is Ballytherm insulation delivered to the site?
Ballytherm Insulation comes on a variety of sizes of plastic enclosed packages, with different numbers of sheets in each, and other than small quantities, will be supplied on pallets. Information on order options is available here in Table 3.

How do I make an order?
You can order Ballytherm insulation products through one of the many builders’ merchants or distributors. Next day delivery may be possible depending on your location. Contact us by phone at + 353 (0)49 95 27000 to enquire.

How should I store Ballytherm insulation boards on the site?
Ballytherm insulation boards should be maintained away from sources of dampness or water, and out of strong natural light. The surface on which they are situated should be even and, ideally, raised slightly off the ground with timber lengths.

How do I keep the insulation boards in optimum condition over a long period?
Calculate what number of boards you need for the task at hand or the day ahead, and only remove this quantity from the pack. This will help keep the boards in optimum condition, and avoid accidental small impacts with the product which can lead to deterioration in the perimeters of the boards.

Is Ballytherm insulation easy to work with?
Ballytherm Insulation is easy to work with and does not require specialty or automated tools. To cut the boards to particular size or shape simply use a fine tooth saw or utility knife. If you are insulating an extensive area with irregular shapes, a significant amount of cutting might be required, so don’t forget to factor in protection from dust and removal of dust particles from your work area.

Who do I turn to for technical support on projects?
If you are a designer or construction professional using Ballytherm Insulation products for your building project, we offer all the technical advice and help you need. Whether your project is full  construction, extension or renovation, Ballytherm Trading Ltd. are here to help through provision of:

  • Information on product composition and performance
  • Copies of reports and certificates and other documentation
  • Determination of figures for thermal transmittance calculations (U-value)
  • Evaluation of condensation risk
  • Design advice
  • Samples of products
  • On-site advice

Ballytherm Trading Ltd. offers designers and installers a full technical support service to advise them on the best way of utilising Ballytherm Insulation in new-build and renovation projects.

What dimensions are Ballytherm insulation sheets available in?

Table 3

Other Sizes Available on Request

Insulating below a ground bearing slab Insulating above precast concrete floors
Insulating above precast concrete floors Insulating below suspended timber floors
Insulating partial fill cavity walls Insulating drylined walls
Insulating above and between the rafters Insulating between and below the rafters
Insulating loft conversions Insulating timber frame buildings

Further Advice & Information

For more information about Ballytherm products, technical advice, or guidance on the suitability of our products for your project, contact us at + 353 (0)49 95 27000,, email us at or use our contact form.

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